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It's About Time

In 2003, one little café opened to little fanfare.  Simple sweet and savory crepes lovingly spun as thin as they should be.  The city folks and well-travelled said “It’s about time”.  And the locals soon fell in line.

CrepeTime was born of our dream to bring crepes to everyone, wherever you are in life. 

Finally, a fun, affordable chef service. 

Because it’s about time. Your time to enjoy.

So Have a Party!

Imagine the time you’ll save.  Your chef takes care of everything.

Menu, shop, prep, setup, cook, service and clean-up.

No kitchen required. Fresh hot meals made to each guest’s specification. As many chefs as you need to serve in the time allotted.

So you have time to enjoy your party, your guests, and the moment. Time to relax.